What Causes Chronic Pain?


Occasionally ever person feels or experiences pains & aches, and pain isn’t the critical reaction of the nervous system that helps alert you to possible injury. The pain signals travel through from the infected area when an injury occurs. It goes all the way from the spinal cord to brain.

We all know when the injured area of our body heals, the pain usually become less severe. In Cronic pain situation the body continually sends pain signals to our body even after an injury is healed completely. Unfortunately, this can last several weeks or a year.

Chronic pain can be a cause of reducing your flexibility and limits your body mobility and strength. It can make your daily routine task and activities challenging.

Chronic Pain has defined a pain that could be last up to 11 – 12 weeks. Pain may feel dull or sharp, and it also can cause an aching sensation or burning in affected areas of your body. It could be intermittent or steady, and it can come and go with the time without any reasons. Chronic pain can occur in any part of your body. This pain feels different in various affected body areas.

What Causes Chronic Pain-

Types of Chronic Pain

Here some of the most usual types of Chronic pain:

  1. Postsurgical pain
  2. Trauma pain
  3. A Headache
  4. Cancer pain
  5. Psychogenic pain
  6. Neurogenic pain

According to AAPM (American Academy of Pain Medicine), 1.6 billion people around the world suffering from chronic pain. It’s one of the most common causes of long-term disability in the US. A report concludes about 100M of people in America are affected.What Causes Chronic Pain

An injury can be a cause of Chronic pain in the body. A pulled muscle and back sprain also causes chronic pain. A chronic illness starts after when nerves system becomes damaged. Using the underlying injury may not resolve this pain.

The Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic can victimize people of all the ages. But, the most common of them are older adults. Except for period, other factors that are the responsible increasing risk of developing chronic pain include:

  1. A surgery
  2. An injury
  3. Being female
  4. Obese & overweight

What Causes Chronic Pain1

How to Treat a Chronic Pain

The frequency and severity of chronic pain can be different from in individuals. According to their pain situations, the doctors make the pain management plans which specify to each person.

The reason for the treatment is to reduce pain and boost up your mobility, and the treatment helps to return to the daily activities without distress.

A pain management plan depends on symptoms and any underlying health conditions. Lifestyle remedies Medical treatments or combinations various methods can cause to treat the chronic pain.

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